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ARJ Select is Central India’s ‘Mecca’ of Pre-Owned Luxury Cars. It is region’s first & only showroom where you can buy & sell used luxury cars.

The Journey of ARJ Group started in 2012 when ARJ Automotives – state of the art VESPA dealership- started its operations. 10 years down the line, the dealership has won the trust of thousands of happy customers by providing impeccable services & professional working experience. Further expanding its wings the group has started a new venture – “ARJ Select”.

As a kid we all were fascinated by cars, but as we grew older those exotic cars seem to be unreachable. Owning a used car is always a good option for your unsatiated craving. However, to buy a used car is never accessible, simple & trustworthy. We at ARJ Select, aims to overcome all these challenges & provide a hassle free experience for customers to buy their dream cars. We have got sincere & hard-working team of Professionals to do R&D on your behalf. So gear up your dream & your exotic “poster car” can be in your garage soon.

What Sets Apart ARJ SELECT

Visit one of the First & only showroom
in the INDORE. Visit us today.
Latest Manufactured Cars
We Only Buy Latest Manufactured Cars.
Less Driven Cars
We Only Buy Cars Which Are Driven Less & Maintained Properly.
Clean And Clear History Cars Only
We Check All Details Of Owner & Verify Vehicle History.
No Odometer Tampering
We Do Not Tamper The Odometer To Show Less Reading.
No Major Accidental History/Flood Damaged
We Don't Buy Cars With Any Kind Of Major Accidental Records.
All Check Points Are Covered
All Major & Minor Problems Are Solved After Procurement.
Insurance History Check
We Check That A Car Doesn't Comes With Any Kind Of Accidental Claims On It.
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