AskWomen: Valentine's Day Edition

AskWomen: Valentine’s Day Edition

What exactly is anticipated people On Valentine’s Day?

It’s no secret we do not always very… ladies’ expectations around certain getaways. There is Christmas time, new-year’s then there is that damn valentine’s. Probably the worst offender of all of the.

We all know we will need to do something, but it is merely very perhaps not . Or we aren’t that serious about the lady we are seeing therefore we need keep your entire celebration regarding the DL, but we in addition should not f*ck upwards so terribly that she puts a stop to getting together with all of us. What is the Valentine’s Day happy medium?

Readers, we are on a mission discover. We’re hosting an unique version of your AskWomen show via a Google Hangout on February 8th. The standard things shall be truth be told there: all of our moderator and a team of girls that prepared to answer and debate any such thing about relationships and internet dating around Valentine’s Day. Really the only additional aspect would be the unique inclusion of . 

That’s right. If your question is opted for, you will be welcomed to hang around via a Google Hangout. Your question will stay a great shot of being included when it is really thought-provoking. So please don’t e-mail you with “carry out females enjoy it into the ass?”

Mail us the questions you have at

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