Legal Raps

January 12, 2024
Yo, listen up, here’s the deal
Authorization to proceed government contract
is something you need to feel
When it comes to laws in California
Data breach laws
keep you from falling under a spell
Thorndike’s law of exercise is no joke
Understand it or it’s a legal yoke
In Utah, know your rights, don’t choke
Gun in car laws
will help you stay woke
When will weed be legal in South Carolina, you say
2023 is the day
Legal words in Tamil
Know them or please don’t delay
Company joint venture agreement, it’s a must
Every detail, don’t let it gather dust
International agreement to limit CFC production
Understand it and earn trust
City civil court rules, a guide you need
Understand them or suffer greeds
And if you’re in Tulsa and need legal aid
Get it, don’t be afraid

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